Saturday, May 16, 2009


Here's an action shot of Kate in the purple quilted jacket I made her a few months ago:

Notice how it's accessorized with brown & pink floral leggings and a sky blue headband. ;-)

And here is Cameron, sheltie testing a quilt layout. If you can't sew, you can still lay quilt blocks out on the floor and move them along. My dad had to help me pick up everything when I was done playing layouts, and by then Cameron (his sheltie) had been replaced with Declan (my sheltie) on the quilt pieces. This is a twin sized one, so the backing and batting are pretty big. We picked up one end and started walking forward to fold it in half. Declan stood his ground on the nice comfy spot he'd found to sit- we had to pick him off the batting to continue folding, then he walked right back on! Silly dog.


Here are some of the squares that I did early in the week. They're mostly using Sew Mama Sew's Amy Karol fat quarter pack. I really liked the colors in that set! So different from the shades I usually gravitate towards.

quilt squares

On the recovery front, I have a huge purple bruise on the back of my hand & I'm pretty run down, but otherwise OK. My mom got out her naturalist books last night and we looked through them & I forced myself to look at the photos of the snakes. Ewww. We figured out what it was, though- it was definitely a yellow rat snake. I actually got shivers up my spine when I saw the picture, because it was exactly the snake. They're non poisonous, obviously, but agressive biters, which makes sense because it really got me. Supposedly they're not uncommon as pets so we wonder if it was an escaped or released pet. Good to know that it really wasn't a ribbon snake, because we have them all over and although they freak me out, I always think of them as essentially harmless.

One more picture- here is Tom playing on his slide. Cutest little boy ever!!!



Anonymous said...

any animal which has the word rat and snake in its full description can't be good! gives me shivers. i love the quilt--cute fabric!

ACorgiHouse said...

You are giving me the quilt itch, and I definitely don't need that! I have enough to do.. Glad the hand is getting better, still scary. Pics are adorable. My dogs do the same thing. K

verobirdie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and giving the explanation for French seams! And giving me the opportunity to discover yours.
ouch, I hate snakes! One entered my house some months ago, I went into a panic! I dare not imagine one biting me...

Kat said...

Ah...I love that age when kids love wearing anything you make them! Completely understand the snake thing. However, for me it's not snakes but mice. I'll gladly put up with snakes and spiders, but mice will send me scrambling up a chair in record time. I HATE MICE! I'm so glad the snake was non-poisonous. In fact, just on Friday, one of the baseball moms was headed straight to the emergency room because of a spider bite that was swelling to golf ball size.

Lindsay T said...

Ditto what Cindy says!

BeeBee said...

Wow, you were fast on the comments. Yes, I made the scallops, and it was much easier than I thought. Trimming was a bit tedious, but not hard. I left the stabilizer on until I was finished cutting. About an hour start to finish. And I would use wash-away next time.