Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Pillows

new fancy pillows

Do you want proof that actually I go into sewing withdrawal? I made two pillowcases for the bed today because I couldn't go all weekend away from my Viking. Making these actually went OK even with stiff fingers and everything, but then it's all straight lines. Not that we needed new pillow covers or anything, I just found myself in the fabric store this AM and this fantastic blue fabric kind of followed me home... and it looks really nice with the pale green walls. I'd never sewn flanged pillow covers before, but it was pretty easy. To sew the flange around the edges, I used the farthest seam marker on the throat plate to stitch the line and came out with a nice sized one.

No pattern for the cases, I only laid out an older storebought cover and traced it. The zipper in the back is done the same way as the storebought. The back is cut in two, and a standard zipper is inserted into the seam. You have to make sure to keep the ends out of the flange when that's stitched, so an 18 inch zipper with the end snipped off worked well. 16 inches might have been a bit better, but I didn't have any whites that size.
back zipper

The front fabric was about $4/yard at JoAnns this morning, and 1 yard made two fronts. The back is some white home dec weight-ish sateen from their remnant bin, about $3 as well, so this was some pretty economical bedroom mini redecorating. I found the front fabric in the nursery print cotton section, of all places. Shh, don't tell anyone our bed is decorated with a nursery print. ;-)
new fancy pillows

While I wasn't sewing I did a bunch of cooking. I made an apple tart and this Bon Appetit recipe that Smitten Kitchen just posted about- asparagus, goat cheese and lemon pasta. We also made a batch of homemade yogurt! I'm on an antibiotic from Thursday's adventure, and it's a pretty strong one. So we made a nice batch of homemade yogurt to settle my stomach, and it came out tasting really nice. Mmmmm- I should have tried this a while ago! Now I'm eyeing yogurt makers on amazon. This batch was made in a big pyrex bowl on a stovetop, which worked but was kind of bulky and time intensive. This is yogurt tutorial for making stovetop yogurt - worked very nicely!


Antoinette said...

Great fabric choice -- that damask is so pretty!

ACorgiHouse said...

Cool, I have asparagus and goat cheese in frig, lemons on counter. I see dinner tomorrow night! K

gwensews said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm always happy to find a new sewing blogger. I'll enjoy reading up on what you do.

kbenco said...

They are very pretty pillows. Re yoghurt making, we put our starter in the milk after the scalded milk cools to 110 degrees farenheit, then pop the pot in an insulated bag. After about 3 hours the yoghurt is ready, much cheaper than a yoghurt maker - especially if you already have an insulated bag for picnics or shopping.

~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

I know what you mean I was having withdrawal since making my daughter's prom dress, but now I'm back at it. Love the pillowcases!