Saturday, May 9, 2009

new book!

This has been a looooooong Saturday. I took Kate to her friend's birthday party this morning at an ice skating rink. We had a small run in with what I call a hockey dad. I mean, I did go to Wellesley, but I don't think I'm overly sensitive to this kind of thing- we walked into the party room carrying our skates (both hockey skates) and said hello to the birthday kid and ooh'd over the presents. One of the dads there, already in skates, came over and said "Did you rent those? She shouldn't be on hockey skates! You should go back and ask for figure skates!" I turned and said as sweetly as I could, "Actually, these are our own skates." To which he replied, "Those are really hard to learn in. Are you sure you'll be OK?" Argh! Yes, we're girls. We both love ice hockey. Deal with it. So I just told him that we were quite happy skating in our hockey skates. Once we got on the ice we had a grand time, and she's really getting good. She actually had a long talk afterwards about how she sees that going almost every weekend really helps- I'm glad she's learning the importance of practice! ;-)

We went to JoAnns afterwards to pick up batting for her little brother's birthday quilt, and she picked out some new material for a dress and some Tinkerbell fleece for a pillow. We made the pillow together when we got home, with an envelope back. She was really confused about how that was going to work until we turned it right side out at the end and put in the pillow. Then she wanted to play with putting it in & out a bunch of times, since it was MAGIC. So cute.

My sister bought me The Practical Guide to Patternmaking for Fashion Designers: Juniors Misses and Women for my birthday. Whooohoo! It's a really a textbook, and it's fantastic. Hopefully I'll scrounge up some time to play with it soon.


Antoinette said...

Sewing really is magic, isn't it? We're really magicians! LOL I have not seen your patternmaking book before but look forward to hearing what you think, once you get to spend some time together. :)

BeeBee said...

Cute quilt, and a nice day. But it's summer, why are you still ice skating?

wendy said...

I'm hoping the pattern book isn't *too* far over my head! It's almost 500 pages!

And we'll be skating all summer, since it's nice and cool in the rink and my family is full of ice skating nutcases. ;-)