Monday, May 25, 2009


Today I had one decent project and one total disaster. The disaster was supposed to be another pintuck skirt from Stitch magazine, in denim. I bought a jeans twin needle and topstitching thread, cut out the pattern from some dark blue denim and traced the pintuck lines onto the skirt. Then I pintucked with the yellow topstitching thread- came out pretty decent. But... I had flipped one of the pattern pieces upside down, so that the horizontal pintucks didn't meet. ARRGGHH!

I forged ahead anyway, finished it up, tried it on... and it's too tight. I forgot that I'd used a stretch cord and smaller seam allowances last time! It's uncomfortably tight all across my hips, so I'm not going to be able to wear it unless I lose a few pounds. The pintucks looked so nice, so I'm bummed out. I have more material, so I'll make another one at some point, but- ARGH! I'm debating whether to make it a bit wider or track down some stretch denim.

Here's the better project. The fourth version I've made of BWOF 03-2008-108, this time with short sleeves in eyelet. I just whacked off the sleeve length and folded up twice, then stitched a wide hem.

BWOF blouse

Closeup of the fabric. I did welt seams for the princess seams since there was no getting around the seam allowance showing anyway.

BWOF blouse

Still one of my favorite blouse patterns of all time! One of the four I've made is a gold glazed linen one for my mom and she wears it quite a bit. The princess lines are nice, and I like how the collar is different from your standard collar but not too out there like some BWOF designs.

Here's a sneak peek at something else I'm working on- a doubleknit colorblock dress using a pattern from the November 2008 Knipmode. I need topstitch on a middle color band near the waist (light purple) and hem it before it will be done. I chopped *6* inches off the hem after I took this photo to get it above my knee. Nothing like a good reminder how short your legs are. ;-) The bodice looks weird here from holding the camera, but it does have a bit of a gap under my arms. Not quite enough to rip out the side seams, but if I make it again I'll narrow it a little there.


Uta said...

A very pretty blouse. I love the fabric! Also, I'm looking forward to seeing the dress; that kind of colorblocking is so elegant.

Anonymous said...

Love your latest projects. Sorry to hear about your denim skirt. I love pintucks! I hope you attempt it again. And I have to say, it's reassuring to hear that even experienced sewists make mistakes too sometimes.

Love the eyelet blouse and can't wait to see the color block dress.