Sunday, November 30, 2008

the pajama factory continues!

More pajamas! This one is actually a birthday present for my mom. Not a surprise for her, because I had to ask her about what style she wanted and then do a little bit of fitting. This is Butterick 4214 that I found at Parons about a month ago, in size M (which is about her size). If you look closely at that photo, you'll see some golf balls flannel on the floor, ready for my brother in law's flannel PJ pants.

butterick 4214

Hem lace from MJ Trim
butterick 4214

Yoke ruffle from MJ Trim
butterick 4214

I bought some more flannel from the fabric fairy store to make another for her for Christmas, but I still need to buy trim for it. I'm thinking of doing a bit of flat piping around the yoke instead of a ruffle just to try something new.

fire engine shirtAnd this is a small sleep shirt for Tom. It's made from another JoAnn remnant from my big collection of remnants I bought a few weeks ago when they were extra reduced. The neck is kind of low in the front because I didn't put on a rib collar but just folded on some self binding. I think it will be OK, he usually sleeps in a few layers anyway. This is a size 3T, just a bit big on him, but he's growing really really fast. I used Kwik Sew 1531, the same as Ana's pink and brown PJs.

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