Friday, October 24, 2008

cinderella dress!

cinderella dress
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Isn't this a fantastic little girl dress up costume?? I found a 2003 copy of Patrones Carnival issue for $4 last night, and flipping through it I came across this dress. I had to buy it, as I have the perfect material to make this dress for Kate. I love the contrast insert in the front of the bodice and the gathered overskirt- it's such a classic "princess" dress style. Here is the cover of this issue:

patrones carnival

At Parons I also found two new patterns- another nightgown pattern for Christmas presents, and an American Girl doll clothes pattern with a great little cape pattern:

OOP patterns


Gwen said...

I was in NYC for the first time in my life about a month ago, and went to Paron's and other places that you mention - I love reading about them in your blog and being able to picture them in my mind! I also am envious that you get to shop in the Fashion District all the time! :)
PS - it IS an adorable princess dress!

Rae said...

V. cute. Patrones seems like an awesome mag.

Thanks for stopping by the blog!

wendy said...

I'm hoping that I manage to make the dress without goofing it up. We'll see! ;-)