Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another Patrones Ninos Hoodie for Kate

I've had this pink hoodie cut out for a while, so I finally sewed it up today. You know how sometimes projects just refuse to cooperate? That was definitely this hoodie. I think every single seam was ripped out and re-sewn multiple times. It still looks wonky, Kate isn't so picky, so we're calling it a day.

hoodie for kate

It's made from two JoAnns remnants, one a light sweatshirty knit and one a pink polar fleece scrap. The pattern is the same as her earlier green hoodie, from Patrones Ninos #271. Since you see the back of the fabric in the lower front- behind the pocket scoop- we added a nice layer of fleece in there. It made the pockets super cozy. The pockets are edged with a piped elastic from MJ Trim.

hoodie for kate

I only had a 12" zipper instead of the 14" it needed, so the zipper stops a bit short. It should be ok, though, since she doesn't usually zip the green one all the way up.

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