Saturday, October 18, 2008

Patrones Ninos Hoodie

Just finished up the little jacket for Kate! I've written up a review on Pattern Review: Patrones Ninos Magazine, Issue 271, Zip Front Hoodie #7

Look at this kid mug!

Kate needed another fleecey jacket to wear since it's getting a little chilly out these days and she's outgrown last years fleece jackets. She picked out this green color... I think it's a bit "ewww toothpaste!" or at best Kermit, but she really likes it. Anyway, the pattern had a neat little twist with the way the pockets are constructed. (Details in the review above.) I'm such a pattern nerd that I fell in love with this pattern as soon as I'd figured out what was going on with the shapes and I HAD to make it up. Originally I was going to make up the raglan sleeved hoodie in this issue... and I still might make that one, but this is just the neatest little pattern I've seen in a while.

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