Monday, September 29, 2014


Last weekend, I made up a Frozen Anna winter travel dress outfit for my niece. Here are a few in-progress shots from Instagram...

I took the bodice shape & the cape from a Snow White costume, Simplicity 2817. It had the pointed bodice shape that Anna's travel dress has, and the cape's wrap around shape worked pretty nicely as well.

The blue "shirt" under the top is improvised, as is the skirt's lavender band at the bottom (I thought for a minute about doing the scallop, and decided it wasn't going to happen), and the hood. The bodice is all cotton, and the skirt is a cotton/poly broadcloth. The cape is wool inside, from a leftover remnant I had, and poly crepe on the outside. The pink tulips are felt, and the gold trim is a 3" knit band.

Here's the dress in action, at her Halloween parade at her horseback riding therapy school.

I also made her sister a kimono costume, to avoid the "why does she have a costume and I don't"'s ;)

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Faye Lewis said...

You are such a wonderful Auntie!