Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Now with buttons


Ottobre Peacoat

They are done! I decided to use the four step buttonhole instead of the should-be-magic-but-doesn't-always-work one-button-press buttonholes on my sewing machine. I basted out the top & bottom lines so that I could see where to hit the next step button, and it went pretty well. Then I wore the coat out on a nice blustery 2 mile walk to Trader Joes. I was nice and warm wearing it, & only a few very strong gusts got through in the arms a little bit. I wasn't sure how it would work with the buttons only in the top, but it was fine. Partly because it's double breasted, so even if the wind blew the bottom part of the coat open a bit, I was still warm. And the on seam pockets are in just the right spot and a good size. Also, Uta mentioned that she liked the lines but wanted a longer version. This pattern comes in two lengths- I made the shorter version, but the pattern pieces have a full length version as well. So you wouldn't even need to draft any extra length, it's already available.

Ottobre Peacoat

And finally, one more under the wire. I think with this top I've sewn more the last 2 weeks than the entire rest of the year combined. This is a wool doubleknit from Emma One Sock made into a cardigan from the latest Ottobre. Other than the facing, this is a lovely shaped cardigan. I left out the front and back tucks because this is such a beefy knit and they seemed like they wouldn't work well. I've never sewn with a wool doubleknit before, but this was so marvelous. It's really warm and not at all itchy! Then I shortened the sleeves because I prefer just-past-the-elbow length.

Ottobre cardigan

Ottobre cardigan

So about this facing- the part that attaches to the front edge of the bodice is perfect and went on smoothly. But the outer edge, which is to be hand stitched down, has something ridiculous going on. You have to ease stitch it, and it has waves and waves of extra fabric. What?!? I understand it needs to fit the shell where you fold it in, but this was overload. I managed to steam and ease and get it in there, but it was stupid and annoying. In all likelihood this is a cutting or directions reading mistake on my part, because I can't see how a magazine that put out such a nicely drafted peacoat pattern also made this facing piece.

Ottobre cardigan

Here's a not so great picture on me:

Ottobre cardigan

And finally, coverstitched sleeve hems because I still adore my CS machine:

Ottobre cardigan


SEWN said...

The coat looks great with the buttons. Happy new year!

Uta said...

Wonderful coat, and I love the cardi. Two winners for the new year! Thank you for the info on the longer pattern. I must go dig out my Ottobres!

Gail said...

Both pieces look so beautifully made!

Joy said...

Your coat turned out beautiful and so did the cardigan. The cardigan has been on my list-I'll have to watch out for that facing (I'm not fond of facings anyway!)

kushami said...

Love the cardie - what kind of cobpverstitch machine do you have? I'm going to try out a couple at a craft fair soon.