Sunday, June 5, 2011

Navy Blue

Are you guys going to laugh at me if I confess that I am in serious silk sewing overload? Couture exhaustion? Dreaming of sewing Kate a very simple cotton sundress -itis?

When we first got engaged I had this vision of wearing a floor length navy blue silk evening coat over my dress on the way home... and I kept coming back to remembering that idea and decided I'd bite the bullet and make it. So I woke up EARLY this morning, fished out some navy blue duchess satin and pulled out the coat pieces from Simplicity 6192.

I will admit at grumbling at marking and sewing YET MORE DARTS. And seriously getting frustrated at the shifty organza. But I guess it ended up OK, I have my evening coat! The pattern was pretty straightward, actually. It has front and back french darts, and as a nice touch, darts in the back shoulders and two elbow darts on the sleeves.

Here we are on my dressform:


I found some navy velvet ribbon in a drawer and used that to fasten it. The pattern originally called for you to sew a sash, but I think the ribbon is not too bad.

Front pinned shut so that I could position it:


And after sewing:

Can you see how the front french darts are curved? Kind of neat! But a big pain to pin and then press, especially because this satin does NOT like steam.

Back with the ribbon belt

Are you guys in wedding dress overload yet? I put it on to make sure all the pieces were all set, and my mom took a few pictures.



Not a great picture, but the dress under my coat:

Next, here's a better picture of my sister in her dress. It needs pressing, but you can get the general idea. She had to get into the "let's play dressup!" action too. ;)


And finally, Anabear being cute:


We have one week to go. Yikes!


JoanneM said...

Gorgeous everything.
Well done!!!!!

KID, MD said...

So beautiful!! i love the navy coat. Such ac wonderful finishing touch.
Now go sew a sundress. That cotton stuff behaves so well. :)

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I love, love, love the coat that you've added to your wedding dress! You've done an amazing job on all the wedding garments.

I'm wishing you a wonderful wedding day full of family, fun and good weather! :). Many blessings upon your union and enjoy the day!

Carol said...

It's gorgeous! I love the idea of a navy coat and yours is simple and stunning.

Alexandra said...

Lovely coat! Just one question: what kind of a fabric stash do you have that you can just "fish out" some duchess satin in just the right color?

Antoinette said...

Wow, your dress is *perfection*. Fabulous idea to make a coat. Now get some rest! ;)

Patricia said...

So glad you got the coat done. Everything looks so nice now all hemmed and pressed and DONE!

Joy said...

Both dress and coat are perfect! The silk coat is such a fun idea. Aren't you glad you bit the bullet and sewed it up?