Monday, December 30, 2013

Peacoat, sans buttons

Would you like to know what seemed like a GREAT idea three days ago? Making a princess seamed peacoat (with on-seam pockets!!) from the Winter 2010 Ottobre magazine. I forgot that coatmaking takes days and days and days. Here's the page in the magazine showing the line drawing. Looks cute and straightforward, no?

Ottobre peacoat!

Here's where we were the other evening... a completed shell. The outer fabric is a spongy, tweedy brown wool that I've had in my stash for so long that I have no idea where I'd bought it. I underlined it with flannel and used fusible horsehair interfacing on the bodice and a tricot interfacing on the collar. The collar and lapels, of course, gave me fits. Then I put the sleeves into the wrong sides. And a bunch of other catastrophes which I've already tried wiping from my mind.

Peacoat in progress guts

The lining is a hot pink flannel backed satin from JoAnns. I'm a big believer in flashy, crazy lining fabrics. It's also got a really simple patch pocket to hold my cellphone, and piping between the lining and facing (not sewn in terribly well, you can see in a few spots the white from the piping). The pockets are made from flannel scraps, navy blue with fishes.

Ottobre peacoat


Then there is the little ribbon as a hanging loop, which was in the Ottobre directions. I don't think that this ribbon could really support the weight of the coat for long, but I think it looks cute anyway.

Ottobre peacoat

Buttons. Not attached yet. I am working myself up the courage to make the buttonholes and desperately missing Jonathan Embroidery in NYC- I haven't sewn a buttonhole in a winter coat in YEARS.

Ottobre peacoat

Dressform pictures:

Ottobre peacoat

Ottobre peacoat

And finally, you can thank Barbara's post on sewing v. fashion bloggers for the bathroom selfie of the coat:

Ottobre peacoat

Super styled high fashion! Um, or not. But it does fit pretty well. My ultimate goal in making this was to try out the pattern with an eye to making up that awesome navy blue wool/cashmere fabric I bought before Christmas. Also, I felt kind of guilty that I have a bunch of Ottobre magazines but I'd never sewn anything for myself from them- only a few kids items. The fit for this was pretty nice, really. This is a straight 38 with no alterations. I think I might take the shoulder in a tiny next time, but I'm otherwise really satisfied with how well it fits.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I like your cellphone patch pocket in the peacoat. I'm going to have to remember that! And yes, a coat takes a lot of time but you did have some to spend on it and the jacket does have some great features to it. BTW, love your that new?

Nursebennett said...

I'm impressed! I've not made a coat since one for my little girl, tears ago. She'll be 30 in a few weeks! I need to get over my fear of screwing up and just do it! You achieved a nice fit!

Uta said...

I totally forgot about this pattern; it looks gorgeous! I was looking for a pattern for a slightly longer coat that is somewhat classically menswear-styled but has feminine shaping. I think this fits the bill if I lengthen it a bit. Oh, I'll keep my fingers crossed on the buttonholes ;-) . Glad you're back to sewing!

SEWN said...

Great pattern. Your coat looks great! Love that color. I'm going to be in NYC on 2/5-2/11. Any chance you'll be in town?

Happy new year!

Joy said...

Wow, it looks beautiful so far! (And look at that entire page of instructions - if that isn't daunting...). I've admired this coat since it came out, but I need to fine tune my shoulder fit before I make such a time-intensive jacket.