Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas sewing

My last final of the term was Monday, so that means... sewing can commence again! I tried doing some sewing during the term, but it was hard to get momentum going for anything. Instead it was mostly quick stuff and mending.

I re-sized a pair of Ann Taylor Loft grey skinny jeans so that they didn't gape at the waist. This just involved taking the waistband off at the back, ripping out the center back seam, and then re-sewing everything at a bit of an angle. Then I did the same thing to a pair of black cotton sateen pants.

jeans refashion

Then I made a Scout tee, which has been in very heavy rotation in my wardrobe for the last few months. I need to get more voile to make a few more of these, since the sewing-effort-to-amount-of-wear ratio is so good on this. It's also the first thing I ever made with my new coverstitch machine, which was part of why it went together so easily.

Scout tee

Finally, I went to the fabric store a few blocks from our new place for the first time yesterday, as a "hooray you survived" treat. They mostly carry home dec fabrics but I found two fabulous pieces to buy anyway. The first is an incredible navy blue wool with cashmere piece, just ever so slightly heavier than suiting. I bought 3 yards of it, but I think I might end up just making a cropped jacket with short or bracelet length sleeves. It's so, so, so soft and lovely, though, that I want to wait until I have a really great pattern.

Navy wool cashmere

The other is hard to photograph, but it's an ever-so-slightly glazed metallic linen. LOVE. I'm not sure what to do with this one- it's 60 inches wide, and I bought 2 yards... maybe a dress? Jacket? It's drapey for linen, but a bit too stiff to make a Scout tee from, unfortunately. I'm definitely open to suggestions here.

gold linen

gold linen

gold linen

Finally.... I'm starting on Christmas present sewing. PJs for my mom! I got to use my new coverstitch machine with these, and it went really well.

Flannel PJs

I had some questions about what I'm in school again for. The boy and I decided that I should use his GI Bill, since he was sent to grad school already by the military. So I'm using it for law school, with the idea that I'll go back to the tech industry and work on privacy issues. We'll see.

And, finally- my current sewing setup! I managed to get my two machines, cutting table, and tabletop ironing board all positioned near the window.

Sewing room setup


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I think it's so cool that you're going to law school and I really hope that you do get some sewing done! Good luck with the Christmas sewing!

gMarie said...

Congrats on law school! Hope you survive (I'm sure you will). Glad you got some shopping done and are getting to do some sewing again. :) g