Monday, June 6, 2011

t -6 days

6 days to go.

Today I wrote escort cards:
escort card sailboats!

And printed our programs (the paper is pre-folded & pre-gilt printed, from Wilton):
diy wedding program

They have a crossword puzzle in them, so as to get the various guests talking to each other:

(the font we used is Alana)

And I ate lunch over at WFC in NYC. Lunch was a mozarella and tomato salad from le pain quotidien, one of my favorite NYC chains for lunch. It came with a slice of bread and a little container of the freshest, tastiest pesto I've had in ages. It was the kind of pesto that just explodes summer in your mouth. Mmmm yum. I sat near the koi pond with my kindle & lunch and just enjoyed the sunshine for a while....


In the evening we walked through the venue with our Day of Coordinator and scoped out the setup.

Tomorrow, I'm making our menu cards, so I need to go to Michael's in the morning & have a look at their cardstock options. So far we're thinking 8.5" x 11.5 inch cardstock, then trimmed (paper cutter may be the best DIY wedding tool I've bought so far!) so they're tall and skinny, maybe 4 x 10?


SEWN said...

You were a mere 100 yds or so from where I work! Next time you come, let's have lunch together!!! Good luck with the rest of your preparations!

Uta said...

How exciting! I'm sure you'll have a beautiful wedding. Make sure to take a breather the next days, too; it's so easy to get caught up in all the "to-dos".

Lindsay T said...

Wow! You seem remarkably calm...