Wednesday, June 8, 2011

t-4 days

Today we discussed the cake with our venue. We'd already picked out our flavors (chocolate cake with mocha frosting) and today the pastry chef is starting the decorations! This is what it should come out looking like, mocha cake with cream frosting - just an example we found online & liked.

Lunch was Shake Shack:
Shake shack

And I got my nails done:
nail polish


Then we got home, and I got really sick. Argh! I'm curled up on the sofa thinking positive thoughts & hoping that this is just a 24 hour stomach flu.


Lisette M said...

I'm so sorry you are not well! It's probably just nerves. The cake is gorgeous and sounds delicious. Pretty nail color.

Carol said...

Take it easy, sleep as much as you can and take up all offers of help that might come your way. Sending good thoughts your way.

Uta said...

Get well soon!