Thursday, June 9, 2011

t-3 days

Quiet day today because I'm still sick.

In the morning, we scoped out potential picture taking spots over at Liberty State Park. Then I went and got my haircut, and we dropped off a few more things at our venue like the cake topper and our sailboat shaped tealights.

Liberty State park
railroad museum

And I finally pulled pictures from Tuesday - we had dinner at South St Seaport that night. Here's the deck we ate on:

dinner at south st seaport

And here is the view of the Brooklyn Bridge we had as we ate!

Brooklyn Bridge

So, while we're eating dinner, several ships went by in the east river. At one point, a motor boat went RACING down the river, revving its engines. I turned to the sailor and said "that can't be legal" -just as he said "where is one of the small boats when you need one?" Very funny, little did he know that his racing along was right under the watchful eye of a coast guard captain. ;)

Tonight the boys are at the Yankees - Red Sox game, which I'm guessing is in a bit of a rain delay due to the huge thunderstorms rolling through here. Hopefully they're staying dry! They are all Coasties, so they're very blasé about huge rainstorms. ;o)


ACorgiHouse said...

Getting very close! I sure hope you feel better, but no doubt you'll be fine in time. It is looking like everything is going perfectly! Very best wishes. K

DanainDFW said...

I love your dress, the other dresses and think it sounds like things are going well... except you have to be feeling perfect. Hope your special day is just what you've always wanted! Good luck & congratulations.

Eugenia said...

I got married at City Hall in New York (even though my husband and I are both British!) so I always love to see pictures of Brooklyn Bridge. Hope you feel better very soon.

gMarie said...

You sound so very calm. Thank you for sharing your future husband with us to help protect our safety. I think of that often, yet forget to say it.

Hope you are well for the wedding. It's going to be lovely. :) g