Friday, June 10, 2011

t-2 days

Today is Floral Friday - our bulk ordered flowers arrived and flooded my kitchen! It took about two hours to unbox all of them and get them into big vases & pots. Tomorrow we will actually make the arangements, although I did make two little ones:


You might recall I originally wanted to do hydrangeas... well, I did a trial run with them, and they all wilted far too quickly. So I decided I could either pay a florist $$$ to do the original idea of hydrangeas, so switch flowers. I talked to one of the online floral places & decided to go with white carnations, yellow roses, and yellow stock, since they are all very sturdy.

Here's my dining room table:

That's only a small portion of the flowers! Here's another view of a few more sitting in vases, waiting to be trimmed. The pot in the picture is a FIVE GALLON POT. Just to give you a hint of the size of all this nonsense. ;)


It feels like our apartment is a florists shop today. ;)

Buying good floral shears was key. I also bought bulk flower preservative, and collected lots of vases and vintage glass frogs to hold the flowers in the vases. Some of the vases won't work with frogs, so I bought a few blocks of floral foam as well. The key with bulk shipped flowers is to be there when they arrive and rush them into water as quickly as you can so that they can re-hydrate and rest from their long trip.

Here is my dress on the hanger, waiting...

in the bag

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Lisette M said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful flowers with you, I would be in heaven in your apartment! I hope you are!