Saturday, May 21, 2011


One flower girl dress is nearly done!

flower girl dress

Here were are, sans hem, and with the silk flowers just pinned in place. This is the Oliver + S school photo dress, in size 7. The material is silk taffeta, from Mood. I know that the girls love this pattern with the adorable hidden pocket, so they will be pretty comfortable. They have white cardigans, white lacy ankle socks, and black maryjanes to wear with them.

Ana's is up next, and I think I'll make hers in a navy blue silk with more of the white flowers on the yoke.

And finally, some lilacs from our dinner table. They smell so nice! I wish they were in bloom longer. These are from the Union Square farmer's market early early this morning.



ACorgiHouse said...

The wedding dresses are moving along all of a sudden, it is going to be so beautiful! K

Alexandra said...

The dress is so cute! I love the neckline.
Oooh, lilacs... heavenly scent.

SEWN said...

That turquoise dress is simply stunning. She's going to be gorgeous on your big day. How far off is it now?