Sunday, May 29, 2011

More life in pictures

Making my sister's bridesmaid dress. Navy blue dupuoni silk, underlined in cotton voile. Lined just on top in silk habatoi.

inside out


bridesmaid dress pattern

My neighborhood in Jersey City
paulus hook

paulus hook

Remember how I accidently made three back left bodice pieces to my dress? Here is how I recycled the extra pieces- into a ring pillow.

ring pillow

And a sneak peek... Kate in her flower girl dress and a rose tiara! We took pictures with the kids early so that we don't worry about them being, well, kids on The Big Day. Smartest part of the wedding planning I think we've done so far! ;) It was also a nice dry run for getting everyone dressed and to the park, we figured out who needed what and how to get everything organized.



ACorgiHouse said...

Well, I'm just enjoying every second of this wedding. Kate is beautiful, even your sister's inside out dress is perfect. You know there are some of us who will be waiting for the live streaming video! K

Anonymous said...

Wow! You seem so organized and prepared for the day! Everything is looking lovely! I love the yellow roses...very special!