Saturday, May 7, 2011


I am doing my own crazy method of marking the seamlines. I pinned the muslin pattern pieces (with no seam allowances) onto organza, and then machine basted right at the edge of the muslin. Viola, marked seamlines.


After that, I lay the muslin pattern piece under the lace, cut out well around it, and then hand baste that to the organza in the seam allowances. Here is a bodice front, with the lace basted to organza


Here is the taffeta I'm thinking of using for the skirt:


I also have some lovely white shantung, but I feel like the taffeta will work better with the pleats. I'm planning to underline whichever one I choose with silk organza, so the shantung would pick up some body although it would be a soft body as opposed to the very crisp body of the taffeta. Anyone want to chime in with thoughts on the two? I am thinking I might almost just make a skirt from each and see how they feel.

And finally, turquoise taffeta... I'm thinking of doing one of the flower girl dresses in turquoise. So maybe one niece in navy and one in turquoise? One in white and one in turquoise?
We don't really have wedding "colors" as such, beyond doing many things in either white or navy, so a bright blue could be really pretty. I'm planning on holding a bouquet of yellow roses, and I keep thinking how those two colors would look together. Hmmm...



Alexandra said...

That sounds like a great way to mark the seam lines. Ingenious, not crazy. I love the lace.

Re: shantung vs. taffeta - I like the idea of softer drape. Do you have to make a skirt from both to compare? Could you just pin it to a dress form to evaluate the drape?

lsaspacey said...

I kind of like the idea of shantung for that skirt, but then I love those structure bell-shaped skirts on wedding dresses in the 60s. Good luck!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I like that you are doing one flower girl in navy and one in turquoise. Your wedding pictures will be very pretty especially when you add in the yellow bouquet.

I also like the idea that you are going to make 2 skirts baste them to the top and see which one really works best for you. I know it's alot of additional work but that way you will be happy instead of guessing...just mho.

ACorgiHouse said...

I think your way of marking the seam lines is quite brilliant! It sounds like making two skirts is a lot of work, but I would imagine you are enjoying every second of it. I think the wedding is just going to be perfect. K

SEWN said...

definitely do both skirts, because I think you will always wonder about the other if you don't make it. The lace looks lovely!