Sunday, March 27, 2011

2 bells into the dog watch

Dear sewing blog,
hello neglected blog! i haven't really been sewing recently... this little called "a wedding" has been sucking up my time. Perhaps you've seen my friend, the wacom tablet. He's been hogging my attention for AGES while I draw nautical flags and tall ships and maps.

Here's what we have at the moment for our invitation... it will be a little booklet, with a cover, then the main page (this) inside, and a map and some guest information, and our RSVP cards inside. Lots of little things to draw and lay out and get arranged!

wedding invite, v2

Why yes, we do have the latitude and longitude of our reception site on there. And two bells into the dog watch.... I LOVE awesome nautical terminology. We're still sorting out what kinds of sailor speak we can put onto the RSVP cards. As you can tell, we're not taking this whole thing super seriously. I'm convinced that the only way to survive wedding planning is to keep a very dry sense of humor and read A Practical Wedding frequently. We found our marvelous DOC (Day of Coordinator for the non-wedding-immersed) indirectly via that site- it's such a breath of reality.

I did have one break today... I went to the taco truck in Hoboken with my friend who got married last October and we discussed the wedding crazy. And java performance analysis. ;) We're hopeless nerds like that.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Has anyone begun summer sewing yet, or is it still too cold?

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Sarah McClelland said...

As someone sewing her wedding dress and who reads APW constantly to maintain sanity in all of the crazy, I had to cheer a little bit at how all of your details are coming together on my computers screen... I'm reading backwards from the post about the dress just to look at all your construction before I delve in to my own adventure this week.