Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blue pillows

Would you like to know one of my favorite things about a new apartment? Sewing new pillows & things to cheer it up. :-) We're slooooowly unpacking, and I'm slooooowly decorating. With a lot of light blue, because right outside our windows is so much water.


Here are some new flanged pillow cases - that's some Nicey Jane in front, and some Leanika (Um. No. I'm totally not obsessed with that fabric line. At all. Why, really, I haven't bought a whole bunch of half yards of it to sew with! (; ).

The pillow cases were fun to sew up, although I had to improvise with some of the back zippers since I didn't have very many of the right size.

Here is the view out of my new bedroom window... yes, if you look closely, that's the Statue of Liberty hiding behind Ellis Island. We look out towards the New York harbor, and I have to say- this view is something amazing.


Almost as great as my beloved Elliott Bay. Yeah, NYC is amazing- but my heart still belongs in Seattle with the Thursday night regattas outside, and the white & green ferries going back and forth all day.

WA State ferry


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous view. Maybe we can wave to each other now. ;) Love the pillows. They're very cute.

gaylen said...

Oh - I work in downtown Seattle and just love watching the ferries going back and forth. From another office I can watch the monorail on it's daily trips.

Enjoy your view. Your pillows are lovely. g

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures! I love the fabric too. Light, ice blue is so relaxing in a room.

Uta said...

Beautiful view - and pretty pillows! I recognize the mermaid print - that was one that I *had* to have!

Antoinette said...

OMG -- so beautiful!!! Welcome home!