Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some dress action!

Well then. I'm still unburying myself from christmas work, but I snuck in the first wedding dress muslin this afternoon!

McCall 8635, an Alicyn design. Empire waist, front princess seams, back darts, gathered back skirt.

m8635 cover

You know what the one bad thing about making a dress rather than buying one might be? If you want to try on a style, you have to put a few hours of work in first. ;-) On the bright side, there will be no big ugly "Say yes to the dress" clips wielded around here to hold a dress in place.

This afternoon I finally got a minute of peace so I put on a movie, cut open my bolt of muslin, and got to work....




Wait, you want to see it on me not on a hanger? ;-) You have to ignore the silly faces I'm making for that.



It looks OK, but the bodice fit is terrible. I can't raise my arms because the armhole begins so low on my chest. If I pinch out about an inch at the shoulders, the armhole settles into place and I can lift my arm.... I've got a ton more patterns to try, though, so I'll do those first before I perform major surgery on this one. But this is the general look I'm going for, so it was very nice to get to how it looks!


sewabeginner said...

Wow! So exciting. I really like the bones of this dress. It looks beautiful on you. Can't wait to see the other contenders!

Anonymous said...

I love the back of the dress! Very Pride and Prejudice looking. My wedding dress was very similar in style. On the white silk, there was pink and lavendar embroidered flowers. A bit different!

Lisette M said...

Wendy, I think you should try to make a smaller size for the bodice to bring in the shoulder and bring up the empire waist which is hanging too low. A smaller size would probably raise the armhole which is probably too low and therefore constricting arm movement.
Hope that helps!;)

Antoinette said...

Do you know what's so cool about these muslins? You will have a bunch of dresses that can be dyed, painted, sequinned, screenprinted, etc. Canvases, if you will. I like this dress but also look forward to seeing other muslins!

Lindsay T said...

Hang in there, Wendy!

Kathi said...

Sounds like you are making good progress! You are a very patient lady to go through all the muslins!

Skitzo Leezra Studio said...

I love gathers in the back but thinking the empire waist in front is not great for your slim figure. Keep looking.
(So impressed that you can sew so quickly.)