Saturday, April 25, 2009

garment district shopping

My feet are going to fall off. For real. I spent the day in NYC with an old friend from Seattle who now lives in NJ. She just got engaged, and she's thinking of learning how to sew to make her own wedding dress. So, you know, I had to bring her to garment district! We went to Sposabella, NY Elegant Fabrics, Parons and MJ Trim and oooohed over lots of gorgeous fabrics. I know that doesn't sound like a big list of stores, but we really went through them carefully, looking at every kind of silk and fancy dress fabric they carried. We'll see if she ends up making a dress, but at least now she knows what organza is, what silk gazar feels like, and all that essential stuff. ;-) Then we took off to Soho for lunch, and I ended up stumbling over the Van Leeuwen ice cream truck shortly after saying goodbye to her. I LOVE them, it's the best ice cream cones in NYC.

I wore my new white denim skirt, and it was great in the heat, but since this was a girls day out, I also got dressed up in my aerosoles heels, which are usually pretty comfy to walk around in, I spent too many hours on my feet hiking around the city in 88F heat today though, and now my poor feet are toast. My skirt worked nicely in the heat though!

dan I picked up a new Kwik Sew bathing suit pattern at Parons when we stopped there because... I'm going to Florida for the first time in my life in 6 weeks! With my sailor! We're spending a couple days in Miami while he's down there for work. This will be almost a year after we went to Monterey for his work last year, and sort of the same setup- I amuse myself during the day, and we hang out and explore on the weekend and in the evening. This should be exciting- Miami! The photo is my sailor, staring out to sea on a beach in Monterey last May.

The pattern I bought isKwik Sew 3330 which is a string bikini top and a banded bikini bottom, and I hope I'll have time to make it up before the trip.


ACorgiHouse said...

I think it would be easy to spend all day in those stores, I'm jealous. And Miami! Have a great time! K

BeeBee said...

What Karen said.