Wednesday, April 1, 2009

birdie dresses

Can we handle more kids dresses? I made two little birdie spring dresses today just because it was pouring rain, grey, windy, bitterly cold, and icky outside.

I sketched out a bubble skirt shape for Ana's dress with washable fabric marker and a ruler on the fabric. I'd call "drafting" far too fancy- I just eyeballed it right on the fabric. It seemed to come out ok, but there are enough gathers in there to hide any number of "drafting" errors, so you'll never know. ;-) It's hopefully a bit above knee length. Skirts are still a little tricky on her because of her walker, but I think this one will be OK, as it's pretty contained and shouldn't get tangled easily.

ana's birdie dress

Little pearl buttons on the back:

ana's birdie dress

Here is the inside of the dress:

inside of the dress

And for Kate's, of course, I just used the Knipmode pattern again.

another knipmode bubble dress for kate

I got tired of sewing on buttons, so I buttoned the button card onto the dress, and I need to get my mom to finish it up. I'm lazy like that. She's also going to make the belt carriers for the sash.

another knipmode bubble dress for kate

One last picture... here is Declan, who "helped" with the dresses by getting his fuzz everywhere- it's spring, and shelties shed like CRAZY. He has no idea how goofy he looks with his tongue just hanging out like that.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the dresses! Keep them coming!

MaryPat R said...

I love these. The fabrics are gorgeous.

Lindsay T said...

More adorable dresses