Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl sewing

I love the little south facing dormer window nook that my sewing machine is in. At this time of year, I get a lot of direct sunlight pouring, warming up the corner and making for some wonderful sewing light.

This morning I made up another dress for Kate to wear to school. I bought about a yard of this pink butterfly print at JoAnns because it screamed Kate to me. The sleeves and skirt band are from some black seersucker that I bought almost 2 years ago at Gorgeous Fabrics - actually my first order ever from there. I made myself a skirt from it back then, and I've been using the rest here and there.

Simplicity 7667

I had a ladybug button left over from Ana's dress, so I stitched it onto the front band. That pink trim is just a teensy scrap of flannel backed satin that I fished out of the "doll clothes" scrap basket.

Simplicity 7667

This pattern is extremely similiar to Simplicity 9497, which I made for Kate this summer. Same high yoke and gathered skirt and collar (although I omitted the collar on this version of 7667):

kate's blue dress


Antoinette said...

What sweet dresses! The view from your sewing room looks divine! How inspirational. BTW, thanks for your comment on my latest dress. There's definitely something about it that says "Easter" to me.

Lindsay T said...

Cute dresses! I'm looking to make one like the spring dress Kate is wearing for my 4-year-old niece.

Sheila said...

Hi Wendy and Thanks for stopping by.

That is a beautiful view from your window. Your daughter are adorable and the dresses are so cute.

wendy said...

Thanks :-) They're my nieces, not my kids, actually.

Lindsay- you should definitely look into Simplicity 3588. It's one of my favorite kids patterns. It starts at size 3, so you would be good to go for a 4 year old!

jen said...

how incredibly sweet! (the dresses and the model.)

thank you for your comments about almond flour, i really need to look into that. almonds are supposed to be a "power food" as well so they would make my baking a lot healthier. :)