Sunday, November 2, 2008

BWOF 11-2007-114

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Here's what I spent my Sunday working on... a new coat, BWOF 11-2007-114. The pattern is for a princess seamed double breasted jacket with 2 piece sleeves and lapels and a collar.

The outer fabric is a thick coat weight camel colored wool from Ebad's (550 8th Ave) for a whopping $8/yard. Ah, I love the garment district. It's a beautiful wool... really thick, eases with no complaints and it's an amazing camel color. Which, of course, you can't see in these photos because the lighting is so bad. I already have visions of wearing this with long jewel toned gloves and my favorite black trousers.

I hand sewed (good lord) the lapels and collar because I've never been able to get that area to look good on a machine. It's so frustrating- very few things terrify me about machine sewing... except lapels. It was really sunny in my loft today, though, so I put on some music and camped out on the sofa and stitched it together. Once it was together, I ran over the very back of the collar and the lapel points with the machine just to reinforce them.

bwof 11-2007-114 The lining is cut out, but not assembled, so that will probably be next weekend. I'm using a flannel backed pink satin for the lining since I had a large piece left over from some earlier coats.

The buttons will almost definitely be done by Jonathan Embroidery in the city (on w38th!). My current machine will do buttonholes-- if you are very very careful. The needle position switch is broken, but you can still adjust the zigzag width and density. So it's only a matter of marking carefully and manually adjusting for each step. Doable, but terribly nervewracking.


Lindsay T said...

My plan--if I can make a little more progress--is to go to Jonathan's for my coat buttonholes on either Saturday or next Tuesday. I am so grateful for the comments you left on my blog about Jonathan's--they put my mind at ease.

I love how your coat is coming along. That color is fabulous!

Antoinette said...

That coat looks luxurious! I bet you will never take it off, all winter long. How neat to have someplace to do the buttonholes! I never would have thought of outsourcing that, but it's a great idea.