Friday, November 28, 2008

Another butterfly dress

My niece Kate has been wearing the original butterfly dress to bits and pieces. OK, not really yet, but she has it on the second it comes out of the laundry. So I thought I'd better make another one for her, although this one has short sleeves. It's Burda 9677 again, and the outer print is an Alexander Henry print.

Front... the collar looks a bit wonky with the way it was sitting on the hanger.

kate's butterfly dress

Back, with a big ribbon sash to tie (essential for dresses in Kate's opinion).

kate's butterfly dress

The hem and neckline were finished with single fold bias tape turned inside. The lace on the sleeves if from MJ Trim- it's just a bit of eyelet lace that was nice and wide. I took advantage of the selvedge and cut the center back along that so that it stabilized the zipper a bit as it was going in. I love the pleats and the princess seaming but they're slooooow to pin together and stitch.


Antoinette said...

What a beautiful dress!

Claudine said...

Very nice. I love the idea of combining prints on the skirt; it's great for childrenswear. Perhaps I'll make a dress like this for my dd's.

Lindsay T said...

Adorable. Saw dresses like this in shop windows yesterday on Madison.

wendy said...

Aw, thank you. I love the way this pattern puts the contrast under the pleat as a separate piece, rather than just have you fold and sew the pleats from the main pieces. Gotta love Burda pattern details. :-)

MaryPat R said...

I really like this dress. The combination of prints is lovely.