Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I didn't realize it had been a whole month since I'd updated west 38th. Oh my. I do have a smidgen of sewing to show off, although it was for an online swap instead of for me. But it was fun, especially this little kitty cat zipper bag!


This is the L2 bag from Sewing workshop - lined with laminated cotton so that it's a good grocery shopping bag. The print is by Sandi Henderson - one of my favorites from her latest line. I have some extra of this fabric to maybe make pillows from.


I still love this bag pattern, because it holds a lot of stuff. I haul around way too much nerd nonsense all the time. Here's a pile of all the stuff that was in my purse today - this is minus the lunch bag and lots of random papers I had crammed into my bag.

in my bag

I haven't done much other sewing, but I have been doing a bit of bread baking! We got a fantastic wedding present from one of my aunts who is a very accomplished cook - a cloche for making crusty breads in. It's the Sassafras La Cloche, and it works REALLY well. Sad that it took me months to get it out and use it, but -wow! It was worth getting it out. I've been working on the master recipe whole wheat bread from Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day, which is the whole wheat & gluten free bread book by the famous Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day folks.

Here's my third ever loaf of whole wheat bread...


You can see that the cloche really does give it a super nice crust. Mmmm.

Happy sewing :o)

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Gwen said...

Love the kitty bag! (Of course, I may be biased...) Just wanted to let you know that I tried to see your pictures of your niece and her American Doll in the matching coats that you made for them, but I couldn't see them - I got a "connection refused" error message. So that's why I'm not including them on my Talk Back Thursday post... But I'm sure they are adorable and your niece is lucky to have an aunt who will sew for her and her doll! :)
All the best,