Friday, September 9, 2011


Aren't these Sandi Henderson prints gorgeous? I bought a half yard of each recently from Pink Chalk Fabrics with the idea of making some new cloth grocery bags. Most of my supply of cloth grocery bags has been swiped by my sister, my nieces, and my mom! I do need to pick up some more canvas webbing to use for straps for them when I get into the garment district again. Hopefully soon.

I really love all the prints in this line, and I'm debating buying a jelly roll or some more half yards, but then my "to make quilts" box is already overflowing. Hmm....

Next, you may remember from my wedding day write up that my sailor had a big surprise to me at the ceremony. My uncle recently sent me this little video clip he shot of me walking out with my dad & seeing the dress whites for the first time. The sailor has been getting a big kick out of watching my reaction here. ;) I will warn you if you click play, there are some VERY LOUD BAGPIPES in there. My family is scottish, you have to have loud bagpipes at the wedding or it isn't a real wedding!

The tenth anniversary of Sept 11 is in just a few days, and since we live just across the river from the WTC site it's been a bit unescapable. Looking at the wedding video and seeing my best friend in it reminded me of that day. In the early 2000s my best friend (who was my "Man of Honor" at the wedding) and I were sharing an apartment in Seattle, since we both worked as programmers for the same Seattle dotcom. I was up extra early the morning of Sept 11, 2001, for work and saw the whole thing on TV. It was unreal. I'd been to the observation deck of the towers & been through the PATH station downstairs many times as a kid, and I remember at first explaining to him what the area was around the towers as they showed commuters pouring out of the buildings. Then we saw that something happened to the Pentagon and got really worried, because both his parents worked there. I remember we were unable to reach them for hours, which was just terrible. We eventually got them on a phone landline, and they were fine. Neither of them had ended up going to work at the Pentagon that day because their jobs sent them elsewhere for the day. They were lucky.

It was... well, weird, being on the West Coast but having grown up so close to NY, and watching TV all day. At some point I remembered that I had to walk my dog, and we went out to go around the block. The dissonance of doing something that normal - just strolling down the sidewalk like we'd done hundreds of times - and what we'd seen on TV all morning - it felt so disconnected. And of course I never in a million years would have imagined that 10 years later I'd be married to a USCG captain who worked in NY Harbor, or that I'd be living only a few hundred yards away from the towers. Life is crazy. We will be having a quiet weekend- I'll be trying Kate's new corduroy dress on her and helping my dad around the house. I hope you all stay safe and have a quiet weekend with those you love!

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Anonymous said...

Priceless expression!

You explained 9/11 well. I remember being in a daze trying to go through the day and I remember crying as I hung the flag outside our house.