Thursday, February 17, 2011

project catchup

When my grandmother died 2 months ago, my grandpa said that he wouldn't live another 5 minutes. Well, he did make it a little longer, but just a few weeks. He passed away Friday, so I guess he's back with grandma again. Am I the only one who turns to a lot of fiction when they're really sad? I needed a good book to lose myself in last week, so I downloaded a new novel to my kindle, which I ended up really enjoying. I don't read too much fiction, but after loving the Harry Potter and Golden Compass books, I'm a bit of a sucker for anything involving magic and Oxford. A Discovery of Witches was pretty delightful- great book to lose myself in for a few days.

Since I haven't done too much sewing recently, I'll post two projects I (mostly) finished up a few weeks ago but was too busy to blog.

First, in need of Jonathan Embroidery buttonholes, my Built by Wendy jacket from Simplicity 4109. I also need to sort out how to get off the waxy mark for the stitching line on the front - the wax really settled into the wool, sadly.


I love this jacket, although the sleeves are a bit long for me. It's warmish without being too heavy, and a great length.

And here's another twist dress that I made up from New Look 6802.

My sailor ended up suggesting that I make this - I had a bunch of pieces of fabric out a few weeks ago and was trying to match them to patterns. He said that he liked this print, and that he really liked the twist front knit dresses, so I took his suggestion and made this one. The hem on this dress drove me bonkers, though - I couldn't chalk mark it as I usually do. I'll show you in a post soon the new vintage toy I ended up purchasing to deal with the hem.


BetsyV said...

My deepest sympathies on the loss of your grandfather, Wendy!

I agree about losing yourself in fiction - if the book is really good, I don't hear anything going on around me.

The jacket and the dress look great, though - and isn't it funny what our DH/SO's pick up just by living with someone who sews?

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of marking a stitching line with wax! Why did you do that? I suggest putting blotting paper over it and a warm iron, and extracting as much as possible like that (the blotting paper should soak it up, but keep changing the blotting paper). But I doubt you will ever get it all out. You might have to stitch a ribbon over it or something

Uta said...

I'm sorry for your losses, Wendy! I hope you and your family feel happier soon. Your sailor has great taste; I love the twist dress!

Lindsay T said...

I say you will get that wax out! Screw Anonymous.

Marie-Christine said...

Bummer about the grandparents... I understand the grandfather though, sometimes life's just not worth living without the person you want to live with.
About the jacket marks - have you tried simply washing? Or bringing what you used to mark it, and the jacket, to a drycleaner? They're trained to do stuff like that.

gMarie said...

Wendy - so sorry to hear about the recent loss of your grandparents.

That twist dress is lovely. Your sailer has wonderful taste. good luck getting the wax out of your wool. g

Patricia said...

You have a Lot in this post. Sorry about your grandfather.
I have had issues with yellow wax as well. Never did get it out of the black and white wool.
Your dress is really flattering. I am going to have to look that pattern up.

My son is an avid reader of those types of books and I try to read some of what he does to see where he is. A great trilogy is The Hunger Games. Also the Mortal Instruments series be Cassandra Claire (City of Bones, City of Dust, City of Glass, not necessarily in that order).