Friday, January 28, 2011

Vogue 1745 muslin

You know it's a bad sign when you can put a wedding dress muslin on without opening the zipper. Really, I'm not going for a skintight mermaid dress for my wedding dress but I'd like *some* shaping.

As a reminder, here's the pattern envelope. Tres chic, no?


Here's reality.



Well then. So the Butterick remains in the lead..... one problem with the Butterick, though, is that it has no side seams to put pockets into. Instead the back panel wraps around to the front, and there's a front panel that takes up just 1/3 of the front. So the seams are offset to the center by quite a bit, which hangs very nicely. However, my wedding dress requirements are really:

* cap sleeves
* side seam pockets
* floor length

I may be able to insert a side seam in the Butterick without affecting the gorgeous shape of the skirt too badly, so I'll likely draft that up this weekend.

I'm also thinking of making a muslin of this beauty. Not an empire waist, but I keep pulling it out of the patterns box. It's a totally different look from the 1960s slim dresses that I keep trying, however it's not too far out. I'll make it up and we'll see.



Anonymous said...

Very funny comment about the no zipper wedding dress. I have to say the dress does have a charming line on it. Although it is a tad big on you!

Marie-Christine said...

Don't give up on the Vogue, it's a much more interesting dress. You could try another muslin a size or more likely two smaller? And you know, you could still make your own and save money, yet hire a dressmaker to help you fit the muslin..

BeeBee said...

Ok, for what it's worth, I like the Simplicity much better than the empire style you've been modeling. I love the wrap skirt and the neckline and think the more fitted style will be beautiful on you. My two cents.