Sunday, January 30, 2011

Better muslin pics

Wow, you guys are very sweet- thank you for all the kind comments, and on a muslin no less!

My mom had a go at the bodice and helped me tweak the paper pattern to remove the smidge of excess fabric in the upper bust. We took a slight dart shape out of the armscye tapering to nothing at center front. So I need to re-cut a bodice and stitch it up to try it out. Likely with the same skirt, since I'm NOT sewing those pleats more than I have to. ;) (Scary thought, how am I going to transfer those markings to while silk?? Oh man.)

Anyway, mom really likes this dress pattern as well, but she was concerned that the overblouse in the pattern would be too boxy. We looked at the other choices and decided to make an overblouse from Vogue Pattern 2979. Here's the short sleeved version:

Vogue 2979

In the pattern it's attached to the skirt, but we'll make one that is not attached.

Here are some more pictures with slightly better light. I had my mom take these, but I had a vintage, fully manual lens on my DSLR. So it was fun taking these. My poor mom.

Back view...




Front.... serious face because I'm worried she is changing the settings of the camera!


So, there we are.

I also finished up the flower girl "pomanders" aka "balls of flowers on ribbons that flower girls carry" made with silk hydrangea, styrofoam balls, greening pins, and ribbons. I figured these were easiest to make from fake flowers, as I doubt any wedding guests will notice or care that Kate & Ana are carrying silk flowers down the aisle. ;)

DIY flower girl pomanders


KID, MD said...

Gorgeous!!! It's perfect!

Anonymous said...

I really like this one - excited to see it in the silk fabric. Would tailor's tacks work to mark those pleats?

Sherry said...

It looks awesome! I love the pleats and the whole style actually!
I had that shoulder to bust drag line (in your previous post) recently, and adding some to the front shoulder worked - that may or may not help!

a little sewing said...

oh, you muslin looks really, really wonderful. This is a beautiful design.

Joy said...

I'm guessing it's a little nerve wracking to make your own wedding dress (: But if it looks this good in muslin, it's going to be fabulous in the real fabric.

Kathryn said...

The drape of the skirt on your muslin is beautiful. Elegant! Looking forward to seeing it in the silk.

Gry said...

I agree with the others, this dress looks great on you. There is something about the proportions that is just right.

Charlene McGill said...

The fit is really good.