Saturday, December 11, 2010

A concert skirt

First off, I had a question about where I had gotten the fusible hair canvas for my sister's coat. It's from, Fusible Hair Canvas. I'm sure you could get some from the garment district, but this was handy and not too expensive.

burda world of fashion sept 2009 Next, Kate has her school's holiday concert coming up and needed a floor length black skirt for it. My sister couldn't find one in the stores so I whipped out BWOF Sept 2009 (the one that had Ana's coat pattern in it) because I remembered a long kids skirt in it. Indeed - and it has a really pretty flare shape to it. It's shaped with darts and has a center and back seam with a back invisible zip, so it's a very schmancy skirt for a little girl.

BWOF 2009-09-145

I cut a size 128, sewed the darts, and basted up all the seams, then tried it on the munchkin. Guess what? It fit perfectly! Dear BWOF, I love your fit. :-D

Here is the skirt on a hanger:

She was very excited to try it on, and pulled out her violin to show me how it will look when she plays in the school concert, since I won't be able to attend.

Kate playing violin

Kate playing violin

Concert practice

I'm glad I never throw out my old BWOFs, you never know when your sister will ask for something crazy like a floor length black skirt for a small kid! Of course, now I'm likely going to making concert wear for the kid for years, but that is a decent tradeoff for a private violin concert in front of the christmas tree on a December afternoon. :-)

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Ruthie said...

Lovely skirt, and I bet you had fun at the private concert:-)