Monday, August 2, 2010

farewell July

Hello blog!

I haven't had a chance to sew at all in... well... a while. I did, however:

* Find our wedding location. A restaurant in the marina that's essentially our backyard. I can see the deck we'll be married on when I look out my bedroom or living room window.

Maritime Parc


* Buy a new car. I was driving an 11 year old car with no air conditioning. While I loved it, if you have been on the east coast this summer, you know that it's been rather warm. My sailor left right as we started looking at cars, and he encouraged me to keep looking and buy it myself. That was stressful. Very stressful. If you're a woman and you've shopped for cars alone, you know how much fun that can be. Here is a picture that isn't of my car, but it's the same model and color:
subaru impreza outback sport

* Work, work, and more work swallowed me alive for most of the month. Also not conducive to sewing. I love my job but it gets crazy at times.

I'm ready to pick up some sewing, so I started small and hemmed three pairs of pants this morning. Yay! They've been sitting on a chair for months waiting for a few minutes of pinning and ironing and sewing.

Next up, I'm joining Elizabeth's Butterick 5147 sew along. I'll be making the a-line dress. The jacket looks neat too- I might try it out. We'll see.


a little sewing on the side said...

Good to see you back- I've been wondering how you are doing. Those are some gorgeous photos of a gorgeous wedding location and new car! So much happening for you this year :) congratulations!!

Kathi said...

I have not had much time for sewing either - I feel your pain!
The wedding location is beautiful!
I have done the car shopping thing twice now. I did it the first time when I was single. The second time I did it was after being married, but I tend to drive a much harder bargain than my husband!! In fact, the people at one dealership kept asking to talk to my husband instead. As this was going to be my vehicle, they did not end up with my money!! They realized that he would cave much faster than I and hoped to get him in the dealership!