Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!

I hope all the US folks are having a wonderful long weekend!

We did a bit of home dec work this morning- my grandmother gave us some dining chairs, but the chair covers, which were originally ivory, were not in such great shape. So we recovered them this morning. Let me tell you- I thought it would take 5 minutes per chair. It did not! By the last one, it took about 15 minutes per chair, but the first two were a bit painful. The chair back is woven cane, so I picked a Kaufman home dec weight print that would echo that.


And, fitting for the 4th, I'm sewing patches onto a few more uniform shirts before he leaves for a few months. Here they are heat-and-bonded (pins just bend trying to go through all the layers of thick ripstop), waiting to be sewn down. This is another job that looks like it would take 10 minutes but is sloooooooow going!! For one, you have to be incredibly precise. And my machine is not a straight stitch industrial, so I have a little trouble with all the thick layers and keeping everything lined up in a straight line. Slow and steady is the way to go.


So who is going to watch fireworks tonight, or heading out on picnics? :)

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