Saturday, April 24, 2010

A pattern giveaway - closed

The move is almost here! Just two more weekends to pack up my sewing room and squeeeeeeeeze all my sewing stuff into an extra bedroom that I'll have to share with my sailors huge computer setup. Little does he know that i'll be eyeing the extra space behind his computer monitors to store thread. ;) Since I'm downsizing quite a bit in space I've been going through all my fabric and patterns & I wanted to share some of that with my blog readers. So, here's a small pattern giveaway.

Pattern 1 - Vogue 7234

I bought this dress pattern a long time ago because I loved the style lines. It's size Bust 42 and in great shape. It has a cute rolled collar and a slightly off center button front.


Pattern 2 - McCall 4301

This one came in a batch from a garage sale that my aunt gave me. It's Palmer/Pleitsch, so it has great directions. Bust size 36. It has a bunch of options for sewing one piece bathing suits.


Leave a comment before Tuesday evening with your choice of pattern #1 or pattern #2 and I'll get Kate to help me pull the winners from a bowl or something. :-)


BetsyV said...

Pattern #2!

I have been thinking I need to make a bathing suit for a few years ...


eword10 said...

I love the dress, but I don't know how to grade yet, so I will leave that for someone else. Bathing suit pattern please!

Good luck with the move.

Rose said...

Pattern 1 looks delightful. thank you for the opportunity!

Rose in SV

sewducky said...

#1!! I love this style and actually have been looking for it (albeit not too hard) for several years now.

Liz said...

Ooh, I love pattern 1!

Gail said...

Oh please can I have the dress pattern!

gaylen said...

Oh I love pattern #1. Just found you from Carolyn's. Now I'm going to go catch up. g