Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nicey Jane dresses

Finally, here are the Nicey Jane dresses (so far) for my nieces.

The pink one, made from the "swing toss" print is another Simplicity 2989, but a sleeveless version lined in a gray cotton batiste so it will be cool for summer.


Kate was very interested in why the skirt from this dress swirls out when she spins. We ended up sitting on the floor sketching pencil skirt shapes, gathered skirt shapes, and A-line skirt shapes.


Then she wanted to know how a dress went together. So we looked at the dress that I'm making for her sister, which is still in the flat stage:

(This is also nicey jane fabric, but a different print)

That was really interesting to her. We discussed how you sew up the side seams and ZIP! you have a dress. So perhaps tomorrow we'll make a dress this way for her doll. It's so cute to see her try to figure out dress construction, you can almost hear the wheels in her little head turning. ;)

Here's the pink dress on more time: the collar -with light green ric rac- and the skirt binding.

collarskirt binding


Karin (the Mrs.) said...

Cute dresses. Don't you love it when they ask all those questions? And wanting to know how to sew too, nice! :-)

Patricia said...

Very pretty. Kate is a brigh girl. It is amazing how kids can grasp so much and so often get little credit for it.