Wednesday, April 28, 2010

and the winners are...

We used as opposed to a cute little slip of papers in a bowl, so here is our virtual drawing...

random number

Dress: Sew Ducky!

And then we "drew" again and came up with #2 once more, so...

Bathing Suit: Elizabeth!

Send me your address at my first name at "" and I'll mail them off!

I'm very excited that these patterns are getting a new home instead of the recycling bin. Enjoy sewing them up!


To make this a non-picture-free post, here's an old picture of some peonies that I took many years ago. I need to stop by the farm soon and see what flowers are blooming- I'm sure the hill down the road is covered with daffodils all set for picking. I haven't been over there (even though it's all of 2 miles from my train station) for over a month and I miss running around up there with all the flowers blooming for the sping. My grandparents aren't big fans of flowers, since they'd rather grow food, but plenty of flowers grow in the corners and the hilly areas anyway.


sewabeginner said...

NO WAY!!!! Yeah!!! I'll email you in a bit. THanks WEndy!

MsMica...Sewnista in the making said...

Hey Wendy!
Glad to see you're doing well... and cngrats on the engagement!
You'll make a beautiful bride.
Best of luck with everything.