Monday, December 21, 2009


Help, Christmas has eaten me alive! ;-) OK, not really, but between work and finishing presents it almost has. So here is a small link and a photo.

Vicki's fantastic pillowcase tutorial!. I made about 10 of these Sunday afternoon. Here's one with a quilt for Tom:

I hope everyone's digging out from the snow OK...or enjoying the summer in Australia. Perhaps someone would be able to package up some warmth & sunshine down there and mail it to NJ? Please?


kbenco said...

Fun pillowcases. 10 in a day! You must be snowed in.

Vicki W said...

Great pillowcases! Glad the tutorial cam in handy.

Lindsay T said...

Is that the Pokey Little Puppy?! Yes, some warm weather would be nice. Merry Christmas!