Sunday, November 1, 2009


OK, I confess. I've been buying far too many vintage wedding dress patterns. WAY too many. It's too much fun, and most of these were in the $6-$12 range, so it's too easy to justify buying them. Sigh. (You can click on them to go to flickr, then click "all sizes" to see a larger photo)









When I was at the grocery store a few days ago I noticed that they had some pale blue and white hydrangeas, so I bought a few stems. I've had an idea for the wedding centerpieces floating around in my head for a few days, and I got a chance to try it out. The milk glass bowl was given to me by our nieghbor's children after she died- I was always fairly "eh" about milk glass before, but this piece made me realize that some of it is really pretty. I used a florists frog inside, and inserted 3 hydrangea stems, and- viola. I'm thinking I'll get some more cheap milk glass pieces from ebay & the thrift stores around here, and use florist foam (cheaper than frogs, it seems) to hold some hydrangeas. Probably with a candle on the table as well- shouldn't be *too* expensive, although it will depend on how hard hydrangeas are to track down. I might do another trial run with carnations or something else that I'm a little more sure of being able to buy come the week of the wedding.


There are tons of wonderful photos of centerpieces like that around on the web. If you'd like to lose a bit of time browsing, here are two. One here on The Knot, and a DIY milk glass centerpiece. Someday I should do a list of all the wedding blogs I've found and been sucked into reading. There are quite a few really fantastic ones with gorgeous photos.

And thanks to Carolyn for catching that my prom dress photo was set to private. Ooops. It should be fixed now.


Antoinette said...

I've always been a big fan of milk glass, even the plain stuff, and I'm not sure why. Texture? Wow, what a decision you have in front of you! There are so many great patterns. Have you set a date by which you will start narrowing your choices?

Toby Wollin said...

Love the floral arrangement and so happy you showed some vintage wedding dress patterns. What I always notice about them is - they have sleeves!!! Many of these dresses are just stunning and so much more interesting than the strapless wonders that are everywhere now. I remember the number of late fall and winter weddings I used to go to - and the brides always looked gorgeous (I remember one in the mid-70s where the bride wore a dress with a fur-trimmed hood that she'd made. Just stunning)AND warm. I'm still trying to figure out what the wedding dress designers and manufacturers are thinking - I guess they decided that no one should get married between November and May.

Lisette M said...

Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers. I have Annabelle variety which naturally dry to a lime green, they are stunning! Anyways I love the arrangement in milk glass, have always liked it; my pieces come from a local flea market.

Karin said...

That's a lovely centerpiece, very simple and stylish. I love hydrangrea, I have it in my garden in all kinds of colours.