Monday, November 2, 2009

Comment Catch Up and 2 small dresses

Here's Ana's dress from the other day. My apologies for the bad photo, I had a terrible time photographing a white & black dress. I was hoping for a photo of her modeling it but we didn't get a chance for that.

dress for ana

Top has a sweetheart neckline. The skirt is bemberg ambiance with a stretchy net double layer overskirt which was 2 inches longer than the underskirt. I pinned the skirt up in places and stitched it there with little red ribbon roses. I absolutely don't want a wedding dress with pickups like this on the skirt, or a tulle dress, but I've been looking at so much of both the last 2 weeks that they kind of worked their way into my system. So here we are, I worked them out on a little holiday dress for Ana. :-D

Next up, a dress for Kate from a vintage 1950s girls pattern. I love that it came with a circular petticoat pattern! The material is a white swiss dot with real thread dots. I have Karen to thank for that purchase- she was looking for some 'real' swiss dot, so I've been paying attention to swiss dot fabrics the last 2 weeks, and this sort of jumped into my cart.

white dress for Kate

McCalls 1979 from the 1950s

The pattern is adorable and very 50s. My mom pointed out the gloves and hat and said that's what she always wore when she was growing up. It has kimono sleeves with little cuffs
kimono sleeve

And a full circle skirt that took just under 4 yards of lace


Here is a picture of the sweet little elastic waist petticoat

So, comment catchup!

Antoinette wanted to know what my timeline was for choosing a dress pattern. That's a good question... we're hearing where he will be deployed next in March, so we'll pick a date then. We were originally planning to scramble and do the wedding in May before his next report date, but that looked like it was going to be very difficult to pull off. So right now we're in a wait and see mode. I will probably make some muslins over Christmas break, but otherwise not do too much until we have a date. This could all change... the one thing you learn quickly when dating someone in the military is that everything is subject to change at the last minute. ;-)

meredithp asked if my pink skirt was cut on the bias- nope, this pattern is for the straight of grain, both front and back are cut on the fold.

Toby commented on the sleeves on the vintage wedding dress patterns- yes, this is what I really like about them. Every wedding I've been to in the last few years, the bride spent the whole reception tugging her strapless dress and bra into position, which just doesn't look like fun, so I'd like to sidestep that whole thing.

And finally, a small wedding dress inspiration photo from a wedding blog. I LOVE the dress back in the upper left, and I'm thinking of trying that, but with a single inverted back pleat.

That dress is by Sarah Arnett.


Faye Lewis said...

The dresses are too cute!

Anonymous said...

I love everyone of your inspirational photos! How will you ever decide???

Thanks for the link to the casual dress! I am going to have to chuck my dress--it is just too big!

Antoinette said...

Don't you just hate it when fabric just jumps in your cart? Like there's a chance you'll send it back to the bolt or something. ;) Sounds like you've got as good a plan as anyone can have regarding muslins and dates! Thanks for the update.

Karin said...

Cute little dresses. And oh, those wedding dresses. I agree with you, the back on the top left one is gorgeous! Indeed, how are you ever going to decide?

When I got married, I didn't sew that much yet. So making my own wedding dress didn't come to mind. When I went shopping for it, I just put on multiple dresses and with one dress is just clicked. It was me, it all felt right. Strangely enough it wasn't even a dress I would have picked out when it was on the rack. But on me, it just was right.

Now I would love to make my own wedding dress. Maybe I could convince my husband to ask me to marry him again ;-)

Wouldn't it be an idea for you, now I think of it, to try on some dresses in a store? I know you are going to make one yourself, but maybe it can give you some pointers as to what really is the style that fits you best. Maybe that way it can make finding the right pattern a bit easier?

Lisette M said...

The dresses are so sweet and girly!

Kat said...

How exciting! I love the back of that dress you mentioned too.

DanainDFW said...

I love the one in the top left corner, too. I, too, am tired of the strapless wedding dresses. Not everyone (OK, most don't!) looks good in those.