Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More wedding dress pattern choices

My mom (resident wedding dress/formal wear sewing expert who I guess I have to listen to if I want help (; ) pointed out this evening that vintage vogue patterns fit me the best after my beloved BWOF patterns. Soo.. we found a few vintage vogue wedding dress patterns. Voting is open, so if you have an opinion please go ahead and voice it! And don't worry, there will be no puffy sleeves walking down the aisle.

I'm not a fan of the high neckline here, but my mom points out that redrafting the neckline is easy if the rest fits well. This one is her favorite by far since she really likes how the skirt hangs in the photo. (Better photo and view of the back available on vintage patterns wiki.) I don't like the 3/4 bell sleeves, but those could be shortened.

How cute is the hippie bride in her kerchief? ;) (Don't worry, there will be no kerchiefs but I'm sure my birkenstock wearing farm girl hippyness is going to come out in this wedding somewhere)

V 2192- the lace overlay is interesting, but I'm not overly sold on the look.

I'm going to apparently have a good sized collection of vintage wedding dress patterns before this is done!


Anonymous said...

That skirt does fall beautifully. I'd nix the bow too. This dress is very Jackie O to me. She never got to wear the wedding dress she picked out, opting for the fluffy overdone design her mother in law picked for her. Surely MIL's opinion was not consulted once she snagged Jack!

Patricia said...

I missed this before, so congratulations on the engagement Wendy! You are going to be Mrs. Lyra Sailor. What a pseudonym!
I like the scoop neckline on the hippy bride pattern.

Kathi said...

I happen to like that neckline, but that is MY style!! I have a feeling you are going to end up taking elements from different patterns and putting them together! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I like 2556 view B length with view D sleeves. I'm just sayin'...