Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dress patterns and a veil

Well, my mom is in full mother-of-the-bride mode here. ;-) We decided to start with a veil and dress patterns, and ended up buying the veil this morning.

You can see the one I picked out here... I tried on all the chapel and cathedral length veils in the store, and we liked this one the best. The loooong piece comes off with velcro, which means that you can keep the shorter part on for the reception and photos. I was a little iffy about the rhinestones, but they're very tiny and scattered pretty widely.

Veil shopping was a nice reminder why I'm making my dress- I asked to look at any short sleeved dresses the store had, and they didn't have a single one. Seriously. Good grief. Thankfully there are a whole slew of 1960s patterns of exactly the type of dress I want! Here are some of the patterns that I bought... I'm going to make muslins of a few and probably end up creating a franken-pattern.

vintage McCall 8083

vintage simplicity 9260

vintage butterick 3478

vintage Simplicity 5872


Anonymous said...

Best wishes! I am so excited to follow the bride/seamstress saga! How exciting. I love the empire waist patterns esp. the first one.

KID, MD said...

Beautiful! I can't wait to see the perfect dress!

kbenco said...

The veil is lovely. Are we allowed to vote on the dresses? Just ignore me if I am out of line, but I think the not puffed sleeves are much prettier. You will look beautiful in any of the 60's style dresses you have shown here.

Karin said...

That's a beautiful veil. And those dresses; Pretty! I look forward to following the process of making your dress.

Claudine said...

That bridal salon story made me smile. How hard is it to shorten sleeves? Why did they not offer to take a long-sleeved dress and shorten them? I had such a great time making my wedding dress. Have fun!

Uta said...

Don't get me started on bridal salons... They certainly didn't cater to my wishes when I got married! I didn't even think of making my own dress; you're so lucky and I'm sure it's going to be beautiful. I can really see you in one of these 60s dresses.

Kathi said...

I am sure your dress will be lovely! I cannot imagine tackling a wedding dress, but I don't know why I would feel that way! It just sounds daunting!