Sunday, October 12, 2008

red velveteen, lace and plaid

Christmas dress

And, here is the little sister dress. This one has lace on the hem, not a hand sewn hem, so it's actually finished. This isn't a great photo, but it's dark here now, so this will do. The pattern is #51 from the latest Patrones Ninos, 271. Here's the dress as it appears in the magazine- the sleeves were my own addition.

Patrones Ninos

There are 4 pattern pieces in the magazine... a front yoke, that you cut on the fold. Then a back yoke, a middle layer, and a bottom skirt piece. The middle and bottom pieces are the same front and back, but the front is cut on the fold. I added a sleeve pattern from a Burda dress that had a similiar armsyce. The neckline is red single fold bias tape, folded and sewn to the inside. The sleeve and skirt hems were zigzagged and then the lace was stitched over it. I really like the tulle poking out from the version in the magazine, but I don't have any tulle here. Someday I'll make this again with that hem.

And here is the instruction page for this pattern. As you can see, all spanish. I don't speak Spanish, but I do enjoy a simple pattern puzzle, and this one was easy to sort out.

Patrones Ninos

Here's the cover of this edition:

Patrones Ninos

pattern review

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