Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween

tailor's tacks!
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If you sew, Halloween is easily the best holiday ever. When else can you create and wear exactly what you like, with no consideration for anything practical??

I made up a copper colored regency gown from a lightweight silk. It was too much fun to wear... all that silk quietly rustling around all day. The dress wasn't really too complicated to make, probably helped by the fact that for the first time ever in my whole life I used tailor tacks on every single dot on the pattern. I'm usually way too lazy for that, but I decided to really slow down and enjoy the process of making this dress. I even hand sewed the hem, all 7 feet of it.

I wrote up a pattern review which has more details. Or you can see me wearing it, in a photo taken my friend, Chris. Since I didn't want to be "generic regency era woman" I tolk folks that I was Elizabeth Bennet, the main character in Pride and Prejudice. Chris likes to pretend that he's uneducated (don't believe him), so he decided it was a princess dress.

And here is another view, with my friend Mark. I love the gathered bodice in this style- it works really well for, well, someone with no chest at all.
mark and i

Happy Halloween!

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