Saturday, October 25, 2008


dress for Ana
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This morning's project was a little halloween dress for Ana to wear to our holiday brunch next week. It's very plain, but I wanted to let the Alexander Henry print really be the focus, since it's so incredibly adorable. The print is called "Trick or Treat" and I bought it on etsy from Janmarie.

sleeve bandThe black fabric is from Paron's- it's left over from a black dress I made to wear to my best friend's wedding rehearsal dinner in Seattle last year. It's got a teensy bit of lycra in it, which I thought would be good for the sleeves. Of course it's raining here, so the only place that I could find with enough light to photograph all this black was in the dining room. Hanging the dress from the chandelier gave just enough light to work with!

The pattern is the Oliver + S Puppet Show dress, although I changed the pattern to add long sleeves to it. The sleeve cuffs that I added are a satin scrap from some of my mom's old PJs. The bottom of the skirt is hemmed with a bit of black bias tape turned to the outside.

Here are last year's Halloween dresses, they were orange with black lace. Quite a different feel from this one!

Ana's dress:
Halloween dress

Kate's dress, which I believe still fits her:
Halloween Dress

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