Wednesday, October 8, 2008

black and white

After work today I took the D train up to Herald Square and hiked up to Parons. Sadly, I got there just before 5 PM, forgetting that today wasn't Thursday. So I walked next door to NY Elegant Fabrics. Since I'd had such a looooooong day, I decided I might as well duck in and poke around. In the same rack where I found the last piece of fabric that I bought from them, I found a fantastic black cotton print- printed zebra stripes and a goldish design over that. That sounds really trashy, right? I promise, it's not. I'll take a photo when I get home, at the moment it's tucked safely away in my backpack. I bought 1.5 yards.... just enough to make a nice fall skirt from one of my all time favorite skirt patterns, BWOF 01-2008-127.

Just a few minutes ago I read a bunch of sewing blogs, and saw that Carolyn had just bought 1.5 yards of a black and white print. Aaah, coincidences in the sewing world!

more waves I'm anxious for the weekend to come- I did no sewing at all last weekend. Instead I was lounging around at the beach with my Coastie and listening to our favorite band, The Town Pants play at an Irish festival. Our first date, 6 years ago, was to go see this band play at the Owl and Thistle in Seattle. Along with about 30 of his shipmates, fresh off a 6 month long cruise. If that wasn't a warning about what I was about to get myself in, I don't know what would have been! The band played their song "Come with Me", which I've long thought summed up dating a sailor pretty darn well, at the concert this weekend:
The two of us just sitting here together in this room
Everything the way that it should be
You see the way I look at you it makes you turn away
But then I catch you looking back at me
It could all come crashing down when we step outside that door
It makes me wonder what I'm waiting for

I'm going far away
I want you to come with me, come with me
Don't want to stay here for another day
I want you to come with me far away

Anyway, the beach was fantastic, and the concert was truly amazing, but I missed my sewing loft. Can't wait to make up this skirt!

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