Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shower Curtains

Things I have not done: Finish an 8 year old's ninja costume. Figure out a decorating theme for my hatchback for said 8 year old's school Trunk or Treat extravaganza in school parking lot. Sew myself a new autumn coat. Sew myself a new black skirt.

Things I have done: dropped a bottle of pink nailpolish in my bathroom, ruining my white terry shower curtain. Discover that Amy Butler makes shower curtains (!!!!). Purchase a replacement shower curtain. Rejoice that it fits in perfectly with my bathroom - look, it even nicely coordinates with all the artwork I have in there!

amy butler shower curtain


Which reminds me, another thing I have not done - sort out a decent wide angle lens for my camera.

And one more thing that I have done, which is purchase two new blouse patterns from Colette Patterns. I'm working on embracing sewing for the wardrobe I actually wear, which given that I'm a software engineer is "jeans and a top". So my plan is to sew fewer dresses, which I never wear, and sew more tops that can be worn to work. Right after I finish that ninja costume!

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