Sunday, October 16, 2011

Beware the fierce ninja!

First, there was yet another pattern change.  I was concerned about the jumpsuit & fitting a warm jacket underneath, as well as how unweildy it would be get in & out of.  So I poked around on Etsy and came up with this pattern.  I made view D (the mandarin collar top & pants view)  in the black cotton fabric I'd already bought.


It was pretty straightforward to put together - the pants are one-seam pants, which are zippy!  And the sleeve is an interesting drop shoulder design which meant that the sleeve was attached flat and then you zip up the side seams.  Of course, I  might be sewing a quick Halloween costume, but I did have slip in a silk organza snippet to reinforce the mandarin collar!


Next the patches were ironed on & then sewn down....

The back has a phoenix on it:

ninja top back

and the front has a little dragon:

ninja top front

Behold! The fierce 8 year old ninja!!

kate as a ninja

We will finish it off with a red belt & a ninja hood.  I made a size up so there's room for some winter underwear and fleece underneath. We wouldn't want a frozen ninja!! ;)

I have to say, I'm now eyeing the kimono pattern that this came with. How adorable would a teensy kimono be as a cute addition for their dress up trunk?


BeeBee said...

Excellent Ninja costume. My son LOVED to play Ninja when he was about that age. It will still fit her next summer when she and her friends can spend summer twilights Ninja-ing around the neighborhood.

Lisette M said...

Very cool!

Joy said...

Very cute ninja! A little kimono would be adorable, too.

SEWN said...

Great costume!